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James C. Veith, Esquire

James Veith

Jim graduated from Houghton College outside of Buffalo, N.Y. in 1997. After college and while working full time in the field of Risk Management, he graduated Cum Laude from Widener University School of Law in 2004. In 2008 Jim founded Veith Law Firm. He brings the unique experience of having assisted with the management of Workers’ Compensation claims for a large Philadelphia employer to the small firm setting. This experience provides Jim with an understanding and a sensitivity toward the day to day impact of Workers’ Compensation cases on the employer’s bottom line.

Jim has developed and implemented large scale cost saving programs to reduce that impact including modified duty programs, return to work-programs, maximizing use of the employer’s panel of physicians and proper use of bureau documents.

Having worked for a large national law firm, Jim also brings large firm experience to the small firm setting allowing for more personalized service on each case. With over a decade of workers’ compensation experience, Jim has also written and lectured on a variety of workers’ compensation topics and offers a wide body of knowledge from which his clients may draw.

Jim lives in Horsham Township with his wife Julie and their three children.

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